Mondays &

11:00 am to

During the Fall & Spring Semesters, the Pres House provides FREE LUNCH to any and all GSW students, faculty and staff!  You do not need to be a regular attendee of the Presbyterian Student Center.  Just come hungry and share a meal with us!

During the Covid surge we are just currently serving on Wednesdays.  We hope to be back to two days a week soon!



Bible Study is a time for us to come together and study the word of God.  This is an opportunity for those new to the faith to learn about Christ and the church and it is an opportunity for established Christians to deepen their faiths.  

It is also a wonderful time of fellowship as we get the opportunity to get to connect with one another and support each other through life.  Come join us as we study the Word together!  

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Pres House T-shirt 2021

T-shirts are available for purchase. When you buy a shirt it provides a shirt for a student. 

Available in both long and short sleeve.